After The Ride

GT Zaskar at sunset
A short stop at the lake after todays ride. Photo taken with the Galaxy Note.


15 thoughts on “After The Ride

      • I’m looking forward to this year’s Tour. Despite all the doping issues, I love watching the race, especially the sprints. Cavendish is my favorite. I think that if they want to actually encourage riders not to dope, they’ll need to adjust the distances, add more rest days, etc. But we’ll see what happens.

      • I like the mountain stages, too. Years ago, Bill brought home a tape of the entire race and proposed we watch it. The girls and I groaned but after watching and learning more about the strategy, I was hooked, the girls, not so much. 🙂

        You’re right that doping’s not only in cycling. I remember that years ago, athletes were asked if they could take a pill that would make them the best in the world at whatever they did, but it would kill them in five years (or something close to that), would they take it? Most of them said yes.

      • Watching the Tour is not for everyone. For my girlfriend it’s pure horror 🙂
        I heard about the story with the pill. Crazy!

      • It’s sometimes a bit difficult to watch the Tour during the week. Fortunately Eurosport sends a summary every night. But I’ll try to watch most stages live 🙂

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