Double Bass

Double Bass for Ludwigstein Castle
A double bass arrived these days at Ludwigstein Castle. The transport of such an instrument isn’t easy done. From now on the guests can use this one, instead of bringing their own instrument to the castle. Music plays a major role in the german youth movement.
Nikon D3000 &18-55mm Kit Lens.


12 thoughts on “Double Bass

  1. That is a beautiful instrument and the beauty leaps out against the rocks. Thanks for your follow and the like of my post Boy, It’s Crowded”.

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  3. a memo to the castle:
    the last train to
    Witzenhausen Nord
    has arrived,
    carrying our double-
    bass. listen closely
    as it makes its
    deliberate climb,
    allowing its foot to be
    dragged across
    the path like an old
    tango, admitting

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