To The Light

To The Light
Originally titled: Zusammenhalt (Cohesion) – Czeslaw Podlesny, 1959, Zakopane, Polen.
You can find this at “Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund“, a memorial at the former inner german border. Samsung Galaxy Note


6 thoughts on “To The Light

  1. Both versions are really good – I like the pale colours in one version and the stronger sharpness in the b&w version – and they also look good together.

    • Thank you rabirus 🙂 I like them both too, so I decided to show them both together. Thanks for your visit and your comment. I appreciate that!

  2. A good way to show the differences between B&W and color.

    Just wanted to let you know that we’re just finishing watching “Hell on Wheels.” What an excellent movie! Thanks for recommending it. If you can get, “Race Across the Sky”, I think you’d enjoy that. Completely different sort of race but amazing. You can really see the athlete Armstrong is:


    • Thank you Janet!

      Nice to hear that you liked “Hell on Wheels”. I think the cameraman did an awesome job to get such stunning pictures for the movie.
      I’ll try to get “Race Across the Sky”. The whole cycling thing started for me with mountainbiking. I still love it. The room where I sit at the moment is full with mountainbikes from the last 20 years 🙂

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