Parkpre Pro/Elite

Parkpre Pro/Elite
Today I had a ride with my old Parkpre. The titanium frame was made by Litespeed back in 1993. Most of the parts are built in Canada by Syncros. The cranks are made of Cro-Moly steel and very lightweight.  The fork is a Rock Shox Mag 21, one of the first reliable suspension forks. The Parkpre still rides like a dream. I love those old mountain bikes 😉


4 thoughts on “Parkpre Pro/Elite

    • You should do that. Maybe you can take your camera with you. I have a special backbag for my DSLR and the better quality of the photos is worth the effort. But when I do some serious riding I use my phone instead 😉

  1. hello, nice bike! You seem to run quite fat tyres on this one, how good would you say the rear wheel clearance is? (I plan to buy one of these frames, and build a “pseudo fat bike”). Br, Jorgen

    • Hi Jorgen,
      actually I run Ritchey Z-Max 1.95 tires on the Parpre. The rear wheel clearance ist about 8mm on each site. I think running 2.1 tyres shouldn’t be a problem at all. I you have any further qustions regarding the Parkpre, you are very welcome. Carsten

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