On the Road with the Rove

Kona Rove
Ok, I did it again. Last week I got my new bike – the Kona Rove. Steelframe this time. For the younger readers: there was a time, all bicycles were made out of steel 😉
One of the downsides of steel ist the weight. And this bike is heavy. It’s not for cyclocross-racing, it’s for, what they call gravel-grinding. Now, 400 kilometres later, I can say that this is the perfect bike for gravel riding!
Photo taken with the Galaxy Note.

Unico Bourgneuf

Unico Bourgneuf Jersey
Today my first vintage cycling jersey arrived at home. I have no idea what Unico Bourgneuf is, but I pretty much like the look of this old Belgian jersey. I suppose I will get some strange looks on my ride today 😆